Helping out other people is important to us, why?

It is good for your heart

Did you know generosity is closely associated with reduced risk of illness, mortality, and lower rates of depression? Luckily, a generous heart is one of several easy ways that help manage stress, and providing the same level of efficacy as exercising and meditating. Quite simply, a generous heart gives you a sense of purpose and a healthy connection to the community. Go ahead, start donating now!

It preserves nature

In a nutshell, concern for others translates into a concern for the happiness of other human beings and/or animals, resulting in an improved quality of life for everyone, both from a material and spiritual point of view.

It improves overall well being

Helping others through making a donation goes a long way in extending the lifespan. An act of altruism not only makes others happy but also makes the giver have a mental boost by providing them with a neurochemical sense of reward. The result being a heightened sense of well-being.

So how does it work?

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